Telerik UI for Windows Phone by Progress

The ApplicationBarInfo property of the RadPickerBox control allows you to define buttons that will appear in the Application Bar of the Windows Phone. The buttons defined in the ApplicationBarInfo should be of type ApplicationBarButton.

To configure the appearance of the ApplicationBarButton control you can use two properties:

  • IconUri - specifies the uri to the image that should represent the button's icon.
  • Text - specifies the text displayed below the button.
You cannot use the ApplicationBarButton, without specifying a value for the IconUri property. If the Uri is invalid a default icon will appear.

In order to handle the different button clicks you can use the ButtonClick event of the ApplicationBarInfo object. Its event arguments object contains an instance of the clicked button.

The same event is exposed on the RadPickerBox control level. It is called ApplicationBarButtonClick.

Here is an example.

      <telerikPrimitives:RadPickerBox x:Name="radPickerBox" Content="Select
      <telerikPrimitives:ApplicationBarInfo ButtonClick="ApplicationBarInfo_ButtonClick">
      <telerikPrimitives:ApplicationBarButton IconUri="/Demos/Images/ok.png" Text="OK" />
      <telerikPrimitives:ApplicationBarButton IconUri="/Demos/Images/cancel.png" Text="Cancel" />
private void ApplicationBarInfo_ButtonClick( object sender, Telerik.Windows.Controls.ApplicationBarButtonClickEventArgs e )
if ( e.Button.Text == "OK" )
//collect and use the desired data.
this.radPickerBox.IsPopupOpen = false;
this.radPickerBox.IsPopupOpen = false;

Here is a snapshot of the buttons.

Picker Box-Features-Application Bar Info-01