Telerik UI for Windows Phone by Progress

RadPhoneApplicationFrame inherits from the native PhoneApplicationFrame class thus exposing all events that the PhoneApplicationFrame class has. RadPhoneApplicationFrame also exposes the PageTransitionCompleted event which is fired when a transition animation ends.

Using the PageTransitionCompleted event

The PageTransitionCompleted event is fired each time a transition animation ends. That said, this event is fired both for the transition that animates old content out of the frame and the transition that animates new content into the frame. To understand for which transition the event is fired, the developer can use the event arguments which are of type PageTransitionCompletedEventArgs. The PageTransitionCompletedEventArgs class exposes the IsNewContentTransition property that, when set to true, indicates that the transition that animates the new page has ended, and when set to false means that the transition animating the old page content has ended.