Telerik UI for Windows Phone by Progress

This topic demonstrates how to start using RadPasswordBox for Windows Phone.

To start using RadPasswordBox, the first thing that has to be done is adding references to the required assemblies:

  • Telerik.Windows.Core.dll
  • Telerik.Windows.Controls.Primitives.dll

Then, the following namespace has to be declared:


Here is how RadPasswordBox is declared in XAML:

<telerikPrimitives:RadPasswordBox x:Name="radPasswordBox" />

And in C#:

RadPasswordBox radPasswordBox = new RadPasswordBox();

Here is how RadPasswordBox looks by default:

Password Box-Default Look

Please note that by default only the PeekButton is visible, but you can easily change the button's configuration. There are three buttons available for RadPasswordBox: ActionButton, ClearButton and PeekButton and their visibility is changed with the ActionButtonVisibility, ClearButtonVisibility and PeekButtonVisibility. According to our designers' guidelines, you'd better not use all of them at the same time. If you need all the functionalities that they provide, our advice is that you use the Action and Clear buttons and get the "peeking" functionality from the CheckBox that will be displayed below the PasswordBox if the CheckBoxVisibility is Visible.