Telerik UI for Windows Phone by Progress

This article explains how to show what is the current input in RadPasswordBox.


The PeekButton is a RadImageButton. It appears when the end user starts typing in the password box and when it is pressed it reveals the actual input rather than the bullets that hide it by default. When the button is released, the password is masked again with the current value of PasswordChar. If you don't want to show this button, you can set the PeekButtonVisibility property to Collapsed. Just like the ActionButton and the ClearButton, the PeekButton fires event and can execute a command. The event name is PeekButtonTap and the command is PeekButtonCommand, which executes the PeekButtonCommandParameter.


The other option for showing the actual password is the CheckBox. It is not visible by default, so in order to display it, you need to set the CheckBoxVisibility property to Visible. This will display a CheckBox below the PasswordBox and the actual password will be visible while the CheckBox is checked. To change the style of the CheckBox, you can use the CheckBoxStyle property.


Please note that it is not recommended to use both of the approaches at the same time in order to keep the good user experience.