Telerik UI for Windows Phone by Progress

The RadNumericUpDown control allows you to fine-tune the behavior of the control, when one of its buttons is pressed and hold. By default, the control will periodically change the value with an initial time interval of 250 ms between the changes. This interval will be decreased to 50 ms with a step of 20 ms. You can, however, change this behavior by setting the corresponding properties:

  • InitialRepeatInterval  - changes the initial repeat interval in milliseconds.
  • RepeatIntervalDecrementStep – changes the step in milliseconds used to decrement the initial repeat interval.
  • MinimumRepeatInterval – changes the minimum repeat interval. This is the repeat interval in milliseconds which will be achieved if the user holds one of the buttons long enough.

Here is an example.

<telerikInput:RadNumericUpDown x:Name="radNumericUpDown" VerticalAlignment="Center" InitialRepeatInterval="500" RepeatIntervalDecrementStep="50" MinimumRepeatInterval="100" />