Telerik UI for Windows Phone by Progress

One of the modes in which the RadListPicker control can run, is the Popup mode. When the RadListPicker control is clicked it opens a popup window, which contains the available items. After selecting one, the popup window gets closed and the RadListPicker control displays the selected item.

The Popup mode of the RadListPicker is only active when the count of the items in it is greater than the value of its InlineModeThreshold property. The default value of this property is 5, but you can change it to a desired value. When the count of the item is equal or less than the InlineModeThreshold, the RadListPicker control runs in Inline mode. More about it can be found here.

When in Popup mode, the items in the popup of the RadListPicker control use the value of the PopupItemTemplate property. Still the item displayed by the collapsed RadListPicker control will use the value of the ItemTemplate property.

Additionally the RadListPicker control allows you to configure the popup by exposing the following properties:

  • PopupCloseAnimation - specifies the desired RadAnimation object, which to be applied on the popup, while closing.
  • PopupHeader - specifies the header content for the popup.
  • PopupHeaderStyle - specifies the style applied to the header's ContentControl of the popup.
  • PopupHeaderTemplate - specifies the DataTemplate applied to the header of the popup.
  • PopupItemTemplate - specifies the DataTemplate for the list items in the popup.
  • PopupOpenAnimation - specifies the desired RadAnimation object, which to be applied on the popup, while opening.