Telerik UI for Windows Phone by Progress

One of the modes in which the RadListPicker control can run, is the Inline mode. When the RadListPicker control is clicked it expands and displays all of the available options. Here is a snapshot of an unexpanded RadListPicker.

List Picker-Features-Inline Mode-01

And here is a snapshot of the same, after being expanded.

List Picker-Features-Inline Mode-02

The Inline mode of the RadListPicker control is only active when the count of the items in it is equal or less than the value of its InlineModeTreshold property. The default value of this property is 5, but you can change it to a desired value. When the count of the item is bigger than the InlineModeTreshold value, the RadListPicker control runs in Popup mode. More about it can be found here.

When in Inline mode, the items in the RadListPicker control use the value of the ItemTemplate property.