Telerik UI for Windows Phone by Progress

Like most controls, RadJumpList also allows you to template it in order to change the control from the inside. Except for templating the whole control, you can also template parts of it.

Here is the template structure of RadJumpList:

Jump List-Styles And Templates-Template Structure-01

  • [Border] - represents the root of the template.
    • LayoutRoot - represents the container holding the elements of the template and is of type Grid.
      • ItemsPanel - displays the items of RadJumpList and is of type Canvas.
      • VerticalScrollbar - represents the scroll bar within RadJumpList.
      • groupPickerWindow - represents the group picker window of RadJumpList and is of type RadWindow.
        • groupPicker - represents the group picker's items and is of type JumpListGroupPicker.