Telerik UI for Windows Phone by Progress

The gauge components for windows phone contain an indicator that represents a marker. A marker in the most general sense is some kind of visual cue that signifies an important point inside a value range. This cue can be static, indicating some kind of threshold or it can be dynamic, indicating a dynamic threshold or some specific data that is dynamic. This marker is implemented by the MarkerGaugeIndicator class and adds two very simple properties. These are MarkerTemplate and IsMarkerRotated and are described below.

MarkerGaugeIndicator is the only indicator that is applicable to both the linear and the radial range.


The MarkerTemplate property is of type DataTemplate and therefore allows any visualization of the marker. The DataContext inside the template is the actual value of the marker indicator. Here is a sample XAML snippet that defines a khaki square marker indicator:

<gauges:MarkerGaugeIndicator Value="30">
            <Rectangle Width="20" Height="20" Fill="Khaki" />


IsMarkerRotated determines if the marker will be rotated to take into account the orientation of the parent range if it is a linear range. If the marker is in a radial range IsMarkerRotated determines if the marker will rotate around its own axis depending on its current value. If IsMarkerRotated is false in the radial range, it will rotate around the center of the range but not around its own axis. Below are two screenshots that demonstrate the true and false states of the IsMarkerRotated property for the same marker with the same value.

IsMarkerRotated set to true (default value):

marker Rotated True

IsMarkerRotated set to false:

marker Rotated False