Telerik UI for Windows Phone by Progress

The bar indicators in the gauge components for windows phone are represented by the base class BarGaugeIndicator which inherits from GaugeIndicator and RadialBarGaugeIndicator and LinearBarGaugeIndicator which in turn inherit from BarGaugeIndicator. BarGaugeIndicator defines only two simple properties: BarBrush and BarThickness. BarBrush determines the color of the bar indicator and BarThickness determines how wide the bar will be. The radial and linear bars do not introduce new properties and simply handle the visualization of the bar in a radial and a linear range respectively.

Below is a demonstration of how to create radial and linear bar indicators:

<gauges:RadialBarGaugeIndicator Value="100" BarBrush="Cyan" BarThickness="5" />
<gauges:LinearBarGaugeIndicator Value="100" BarBrush="Chartreuse" BarThickness="2" />

radial Bar

linear Bar