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RadDockPanel is used to layout visual elements. The specific of the RadDockPanel control consists in that it docks its children to either left, top, bottom and right. You are able to control the side to which an element gets docked by setting a single property.

To learn more about docking, read here.

To use RadDockPanel in your application you have to reference the following assembly:

  • Telerik.Windows.Controls.Primitives.dll

After adding references to the aforementioned dll, you can declare a new RadDockPanel instance as any normal Silverlight control.


To use the RadDockPanel control in the XAML you have to add the following namespace declaration:

<telerikPrimitives:RadDockPanel x:Name="radDockPanel"/>

To dock its children to the desired docking location, you just have to set their RadDockPanel.Dock attached property. Here is an example.

By default the LastChildFill is set to True. More about this feature can be found here.
<telerikPrimitives:RadDockPanel x:Name="radDockPanel1" LastChildFill="False">
    <Border Width="100" telerikPrimitives:RadDockPanel.Dock="Left" BorderBrush="White" BorderThickness="1" Background="#FF00BABD" />
    <Border Width="100" telerikPrimitives:RadDockPanel.Dock="Right" BorderBrush="White" BorderThickness="1" Background="Orange" />

Here is a snapshot of the result.

Dock Panel-Getting Started-01