Telerik UI for Windows Phone by Progress

The ItemCheckedPath property specifies a path to a property defined by the type of the objects used to populate RadDataBoundListBox which is used to define whether an item is checked or not. There are a couple of requirements which must be met in order to define an ItemCheckedPath:

  • The property on the source object should be either boolean (bool) or nullable boolean (bool?)
  • The property must at least have a getter.

If the property specified by the ItemCheckedPath value does not meet one of the above mentioned requirements, an exception will be thrown by RadDataBoundListBox.

In case the property specified by the ItemCheckedPath value does not have a setter, the CheckedItems collection will be read-only and the end-users will not be able to check/uncheck items by tapping on a visual container when the IsCheckModeActive property is set to true. In case there is a setter defined on the property, the value on this object will be automatically synchronized when the item is checked/unchecked.

INotifyPropertyChanged and ItemCheckedPath

If the source object implements the INotifyPropertyChanged interface and the value of the property defined by the ItemCheckedPath value is changed, the checked state of the corresponding item will also be updated.