Telerik UI for Windows Phone by Progress

IsCheckModeEnabled property

The IsCheckModeEnabled property defines whether the end user can show/hide the checkboxes by tapping on the left edge of a visual container. When the IsCheckModeEnabled property is set to true all visual containers are shrunk with 24 pixels to make place for an indicator that is shown when a tap operation is performed to toggle the check mode as shown on the image below:


IsCheckModeActive property

The IsCheckModeActive property defines whether checkboxes will be visible in each visual container. This property can be used to programmatically show/hide the checkboxes. This property is independent of the value set to the IsCheckModeEnabled property. The screenshot below shows a RadDataBoundListBox control having its IsCheckModeActive property set to true:


When setting the IsCheckModeActive property the IsCheckModeActiveChanging and IsCheckModeActiveChanged events are fired in this sequence. The IsCheckModeActiveChanging event is cancelable and when canceled, prevents the value change of the IsCheckModeActive property. Both the IsCheckModeActiveChanging and IsCheckModeActiveChanged event provide a reference to the visual item that the user has interacted with to activate the check mode.