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Selection Palettes

RadChart provides a SelectionBehavior, which allows users to "select" parts of the chart. The selection can use a completely different palette, which is achieved by setting the SelectionPalette. Each of the predefined palettes "Warm" and "Contrast" has its own Selected Version - "WarmSelected" and "ContrastSelected". Here is an example of how to use the selection palette:

<chart:RadPieChart Palette="Warm" SelectionPalette="WarmSelected">


    <chartEngine:PieDataPoint Value="9" />
    <chartEngine:PieDataPoint Value="3" />
    <chartEngine:PieDataPoint Value="3" />


Here is how it looks like when the user taps on one of the slices:


Of course users can define their own selection palettes and this is really straightforward - just like an ordinary palette.


To use the SelectionPalette your chart must add a SelectionBehavior to its behaviors collection. To learn more about Selection read here