Telerik UI for Windows Phone by Progress

RadCalendar have the following style properties which change its rendering:

  • DayNamesVisibility – by default the day names are visible. To hide the day names set this property to Collapsed.
  • WeekNumbersVisiblity – by default the week numbers are hidden. To show them set the value of this property to Visible.
  • IsTodayHighlighted – this is a Boolean property which is True by default. By default today will be highlighted. To skip treating Today as a different day set the IsTodayHighlighted property to False.
  • FirstDayOfWeek – you can specify which to be the first day displayed in the calendar. This property is of type DayOfWeek enumeration.
  • MonthInfoDisplayMode  - this property allows you to choose the style of the month info. When RadCalendar is used in a full page it is recommended to set this property to “Large” so that it looks the same as the calendar found in Metro guidelines. If the calendar is used inline with other controls on a page it will be good set the value to “Small” to keep space.

To completely re-style the RadCalendar look and feel you can change its ControlTemplate as with any standard Silverlight control.