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RadAutoCompleteBox exposes the SuggestionSelectedCommand and SuggestionSelectedCommandParameter dependency properties that allow you to define custom commands that will be executed when the end user selects a suggestion from the suggestions popup.

Using the SuggestionSelectedCommand

The SuggestionSelectedCommand property accepts instances of classes that implement the ICommand interface. The ICommand interface exposes the CanExecute and Execute methods which are called in the same order when the command is utilized. If the CanExecute call returns false the Execute method will not be called and thus the command will not be executed.

Using the SuggestionSelectedCommandParameter property

The SuggestionSelectedCommandParameter property allows you to specify the parameter that will be passed to the object defined on the SuggestionSelectedCommand property. If this property is not locally set, the current input of the RadAutoCompleteBox will be used as a parameter.