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RadAutoCompleteBox exposes the FilterDelay property that defines the time interval after the last input operation after which the filtering operation kicks in which may be used to fine tune the performance.

Using the FilterDelay property

The FilterDelay property accepts values of TimeSpan type. The default value of this property is set to be 0.0 milliseconds. When a value, different from TiemSpan.Zero is set, RadAutoCompleteBox will wait for the given time period after the last user input operation before applying the filter. In scenarios where the SuggestionsSource contains more items so that the filtering procedure takes some time, setting a FilterDelay will improve the user experience since filtering will not be performed upon each keystroke.

The following XAML code snippet demonstrates setting the FilterDelay property to a time interval of 500 milliseconds (half a second):

<telerikInput:RadAutoCompleteBox FilterDelay="0:0:0.5"/>

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