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RadScaleMoveAndRotateAnimation allows the creating of scaling animations for elements in combination with smoothly moving them from and to given coordinates and rotating them in the x, y and z planes. As part of the Telerik's Windows Phone Animation Framework, RadScaleAndMoveAnimation can be easily tweaked to meet specific requirements.

The specific properties for RadScaleMoveAndRotateAnimation are:

  • ScaleAnimation - represents the used scale animation part. It is of type RadScaleAnimation and allows you to configure the fade animation behavior. Read more here.
  • MoveAnimation - represents the used move animation part. It is of type RadMoveAnimation and allows you to configure the move animation behavior. Read more here.
  • RotateAnimation - represents the used rotation animation part. It is of type RadPlaneProjectionAnimation and allows you to configure the plane projection animation behavior. Read more here.

To create such an animation you have to use the RadScaleMoveAndRotateAnimation class.

<telerikCore:RadScaleMoveAndRotateAnimation x:Key="scaleMoveRotateAnimation" />
RadScaleMoveAndRotateAnimation scaleMoveRotateAnimation = this.Resources["scaleMoveRotateAnimation"] as RadScaleMoveAndRotateAnimation;
scaleMoveRotateAnimation.ScaleAnimation.StartScaleX = 0.1;
scaleMoveRotateAnimation.ScaleAnimation.EndScaleX = 1.0;
scaleMoveRotateAnimation.ScaleAnimation.StartScaleY = 0.1;
scaleMoveRotateAnimation.ScaleAnimation.EndScaleY = 1.0;
scaleMoveRotateAnimation.MoveAnimation.StartPoint = new Point(0, 0);
scaleMoveRotateAnimation.MoveAnimation.EndPoint = new Point(100, 100);
scaleMoveRotateAnimation.RotateAnimation.Axes = PerspectiveAnimationAxis.X;
scaleMoveRotateAnimation.RotateAnimation.CenterX = 0.5;
scaleMoveRotateAnimation.RotateAnimation.StartAngleX = 360;
scaleMoveRotateAnimation.RotateAnimation.EndAngleX = 0;
scaleMoveRotateAnimation.RotateAnimation.Direction = PerspectiveAnimationDirection.CounterClockwise;