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The RadDataForm type exposes the following members.


Public propertyApplicationBarInfo
Gets or sets the application bar info for the RadDataForm. The application bar info defines what buttons will be shown in the application bar when the form is loaded.
Public propertyCommitMode
Gets or sets a value from the CommitMode enum which determines when editor values are stored on the corresponding business object set as a CurrentItem.
Public propertyCurrentItem
Gets or sets the data item currently associated with this instance of RadDataForm and used to populate the input fields within the form.
Public propertyDataFields
Gets an array containing DataFormField instances that represent the currently created input fields for the public properties of the object set to the CurrentItem properties.
Public propertyDataFieldStyle
Gets or sets an instance of the Style class that defines the visual appearance of a DataFormField.
Public propertyEditorCreationMode
Defines the mode in which editor fields are created for properties in the mode in which current item is defined without XAML definition of DataField instances.
Public propertyFieldRelations
Gets a collection that holds FieldRelation instances. A field relation represents binding between two properties on two editors in RadDataForm.
Public propertyInvalidFields
Gets an array of DataFormField instances that are currently marked as invalid according to their input.
Public propertyIsInputValid
Gets a boolean value determining whether the input in the editor fields of the RadDataForm instanse is correct.
Public propertyValidationInfoMessageStyle
Gets or sets an instance of the Style class that defines the visual appearance of a validation info message displayed in the RadDataForm instance to notify that the input in a given data field is not valid.
Public propertyValidationMode
Gets or sets the data validation mode. Data validation mode determines when input data is validated.
Public propertyValidationSummaryMode
Gets or sets a value from the ValidationSummaryMode enum that defines how validation info messages are displayed in the current RadDataForm instance.

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