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The PieSeries type exposes the following members.


Public propertyAngleRange
Gets or sets the angle range that define the pie.
Public propertyDataPoints
Gets the collection of data points associated with the series.
Public propertyDefaultSliceStyle
Gets or sets the Style instance that defines the default appearance of each Path presenting a pie slice.
Public propertyLabelFormat
Gets or sets the string used to format the default label (that is the Percent value) of each data point. Defaults to 'p0'.
Public propertyLabelOffset Obsolete.
Gets or sets the offset of labels from the ellipse outline. Defaults to 10 pixels.
Public propertyLabelTemplate Obsolete.
Gets or sets the template that presents the labels of each point.
Public propertyRadiusFactor
Gets or sets the radius factor used to calculate the radius of the visual series.
Public propertySelectedPointOffset
Gets or sets the offset applied to a PieDataPoint which is currently selected. This value is applied only if the point's OffsetFromCenter property is 0.
Public propertySliceStyles
Gets the collection storing a Style instance for each segment present on the chart.
Public propertySliceStyleSelector
Gets or sets the StyleSelector instance used to select the appropriate style for a PieDataPoint.
Public propertyValueBinding
Gets or sets the binding that will be used to fill the Value member of the contained data points.

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