Telerik UI for Windows Phone by Progress

Shows the tooltip of the specified owner with the specified settings. The arguments of this method have higher priority than the attached properties.

Namespace: Telerik.Windows.Controls
Assembly: Telerik.Windows.Controls.Primitives (in Telerik.Windows.Controls.Primitives.dll) Version: 2013.1.422.2040 (2013.1.0422.2040)


public static void Open(
	FrameworkElement owner,
	Object toolTip,
	Style style = null,
	DataTemplate template = null,
	FrameworkElement relativeElement = null,
	Nullable<TimeSpan> timeout = null
Visual Basic
Public Shared Sub Open ( _
	owner As FrameworkElement, _
	toolTip As Object, _
	Optional style As Style = Nothing, _
	Optional template As DataTemplate = Nothing, _
	Optional relativeElement As FrameworkElement = Nothing, _
	Optional timeout As Nullable(Of TimeSpan) = Nothing _
Visual C++
static void Open(
	FrameworkElement^ owner, 
	Object^ toolTip, 
	Style^ style = nullptr, 
	DataTemplate^ template = nullptr, 
	FrameworkElement^ relativeElement = nullptr, 
	Nullable<TimeSpan> timeout = nullptr


Type: System.Windows..::..FrameworkElement
The owner of the tooltip.
Type: System..::..Object
The tooltip to be displayed.
style (Optional)
Type: System.Windows..::..Style
The style of the tooltip.
template (Optional)
Type: System.Windows..::..DataTemplate
The template that will visualize tooltip.
relativeElement (Optional)
Type: System.Windows..::..FrameworkElement
The element over which the tooltip will be displayed. The owner argument will be used if this is null.
timeout (Optional)
Type: System..::..Nullable<(Of <(<'TimeSpan>)>)>
The timeout after which the tooltip will be automatically closed.

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