Telerik UI for Windows Phone by Progress

This topic demonstrates how to start using LiveTileHeper for Windows Phone.

After adding a reference to the Telerik.Windows.Core.dll assembly, you can use the LiveTileHelper to create a tile for you application.

The LiveTileHelper can be used with different tile data and create tiles with different tile templates. The tiles can be created by the methods: CreateTile and CreateOrUpdateTile.


The RadExtendedTileData extends the StandartTileData and adds the option to create dynamic tiles with custom design and content based on the context of the application. For example, when the tile should include user generated content, definitely a static image would not help. Here is an example of how to create a tile that uses an element called FrontElement(which can be Button, Rectangle, Grid or any other UIElement) as dynamic content:

RadExtendedTileData extendedData = new RadExtendedTileData()
    VisualElement = this.FrontElement,
    Title = "FRONT",
    Count = 5


After you have the RadExtendedTileData, you can create the tile with one of the methods: CreateTile and CreateOrUpdateTile. The difference is, that CreateTile always creates a new tile and when called navigates to the home screen with the new tile, and CreateOrUpdateTile checks if the Tile already exists and if it does, only modifies it, without leaving the application. Each time one of these two methods is called with two parameters a cleanup is performed to delete the resources for tiles that have been unpinned. If this is not the desired behavior, the methods can be called with their overloads with three parameters, the first two of them being the same and the third - skipCleanup. If the last one is set to true, the cleanup will not be performed. When you need to manually clean the resources, you have to call the method CleanupUnpinnedTilesResources. Here is an example of how to create a tile for the MainPage.xaml of your application:

RadExtendedTileData extendedData = new RadExtendedTileData();

extendedData.VisualElement = this.LayoutRoot; 
//this will create a tile looking exactly as your page if it is placed inside a layout panel named LayoutRoot

LiveTileHelper.CreateOrUpdateTile(extendedData, new Uri("/MainPage.xaml", UriKind.RelativeOrAbsolute));