Telerik UI for Windows Phone by Progress

This topic describes how to use the transparency in visual elements and add them to the created tiles.

When using the Iconic tile template the transparency in the visual elements is reflected in the created live tiles. By default, for the other types of tile data if the provided visual element has transparency it will be filled with black in the created tile. If this is not the desired behavior and you need to keep the transparency in the tile, set the IsTransparencySupported property of the tile data that you use (RadExtendedTileData, RadFlipTileData or RadCycleTileData) to true. This way the transparent part of the visual element will be filled with the theme color of the device and when this color is changed, the color of the tile will be changed as well. Here's an example:

RadFlipTileData flipTileData = new RadFlipTileData()
    Title = "my app",
    VisualElement = this.VisualElement,
    IsTransparencySupported = true
LiveTileHelper.CreateOrUpdateTile(flipTileData, uri, true);

And here is the result:

Live Tile Helper-Transparency-01