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The Source property is of type ImageSource and is used in the same way the Image element's Source property is used. A string can be assigned in XAML and an ImageSource descendant such as BitmapImage can be assigned in C#:

<telerikImageEditor:RadImageEditor Source="myImage.jpg"/>
imageEditor.Source = new BitmapImage(new Uri("myImage.png", UriKind.Relative));


The Tools property is a collection that accepts objects inheriting from ImageEditorTool. RadImageEditor supports the following tools:

  • CropTool
  • ResizeTool
  • OrientationTool
  • ColorEffectsTool
  • ContrastTool
  • BrightnessTool
  • HueTool
  • SaturationTool
  • SharpenTool


The CurrentTool property gets or sets the tool that is currently editing the image. A tool set as the CurrentTool doesn't need to be in the Tools collection. Whenever the user selects a tool from the toolstrip it becomes the current tool. When the user cancels the edit operation and returns to the tool strip, the CurrentTool property becomes null.


The modified image represents the result image as modified by all the tools before it is saved to memory.


The FileNamePrefix property is a string that is prepended to the file name when the image is saved. Developers can use this prefix to automatically differentiate their saved images from the already saved images.


RadImageEditor can invoke commands when an image is saved or when editing is cancelled. The properties are called SaveImageCommand and CancelEditCommand respectively.


The ToolUISelector property is a DataTemplateSelector which maps all tools to their respective GUIs. If users want to replace a default UI or want the image editor to have a nice ui for their custom tool, ToolUISelector is the property of choice. This help article explores the usage of ToolUISelector.


RadImageEditor exposes three events. These are ImageSaved and ImageSaving and ImageEditCancelled. ImageSaving can be used to specify a custom file name for the saved image, to determine the quality of the saved image or to cancel the save operation.


RadImageEditor exposes only one method and it is void SaveToPhoneLibrary(fileName, quality). It allows developers to manually save the current image.