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This article explains how to change the behavior of the RadImageButton.


This is the default value for the ButtonBehavior property. This means that this will be a simple button, which will be pressed on finger down and not pressed on finger up.


This means that the ImageButton will behave like a ToggleButton. This means that when the button is tapped once it will become pressed and will remain pressed until it is tapped again. Here is an example:

<telerikPrimitives:RadImageButton ButtonBehavior="ToggleButton" />

When the button is a ToggleButton and it is checked then the value of the IsChecked property is true. This property can also be used to programatically change the state of the toggle button, but of used when the button is not ToggleButton would cause an exception. When it changes it value the following events are fired:

  • Checked - Occurs when the IsChecked property is set to true.
  • Unchecked - Occurs when the IsChecked property is set to false.
  • CheckedChanged - Occurs when the IsChecked property has changed.