Telerik UI for Windows Phone by Progress

The following topic describes what steps you should perform in order to install Telerik UI for Windows Phone manually from a ZIP file. The ZIP is used for manual (advanced) installs and for upgrading/updating purposes.

For more information about which installation package you need to install, read here.

Before installing Telerik UI for Windows Phone on your machine manually, you need to download the latest ZIP package.

Downloading ZIP Package

In order to download the latest ZIP file, follow the instructions below:

  • Log into your Telerik account.
  • Go to Manage Products and click Telerik UI for Windows Phone.
  • Choose Download Installer and other resources.
  • Click Browse all product files for the relevant version of Telerik UI for Windows Phone.
  • To download the ZIP file, choose Manual installation.
  • Once the download completes, right click the zip in Windows Explorer and choose "Properties". If there is an "Unblock" button, press it. Click the OK button. Then extract the files to the desired location.

Exploring the Extracted Folders

Once the archived folders are extracted you will probably note the following folder structure:

  • Binaries - contains all assemblies that you need in order to use Telerik UI for Windows Phone.
  • Examples - contains our Examples solution which can help with getting to know Telerik UI for Windows Phone.
  • LicenseAgreements - contains the Telerik End User License Agreement for Telerik UI for Windows Phone.

Updating the references in your application to the new assemblies

  • Back up your application.
  • Close Visual Studio or any other IDE which may lock the old assemblies.
  • Replace the old dll files with the new ones extracted from the zip.
  • Make sure that you project references the new assemblies.
  • Clean the solution.
  • Recompile your project.
  • If you have added the control in GAC, remove it by running a gacUtil to remove the old copy and then add the new one.
  • Run the project.