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The ValuePickerControl type exposes the following members.


Public methodValuePickerControl


Public methodOnApplyTemplate
When overridden in a derived class, is invoked whenever application code or internal processes (such as a rebuilding layout pass) call ApplyTemplate()()()(). In simplest terms, this means the method is called just before a UI element displays in an application. For more information, see Remarks.
(Overrides RadControl..::..OnApplyTemplate()()()().)


Public fieldStatic memberCancelButtonIconUriProperty
Identifies the CancelButtonIconUri dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberCultureProperty
Identifies the Culture dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberDisplayValueFormatProperty
Identifies the DisplayValueFormat dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberEmptyContentProperty
Identifies the EmptyContent dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberEmptyContentTemplateProperty
Identifies the EmptyContentTemplateProperty.
Public fieldStatic memberHeaderProperty
Identifies the Header dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberHeaderStyleProperty
Defines the HeaderStyle property.
Public fieldStatic memberHeaderTemplateProperty
Identifies the Header dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberIsPopupOpenProperty
Identifies the IsPopupOpen dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberIsReadOnlyProperty
Identifies the IsReadOnly dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberItemTemplateSelectorProperty
Identifies the ItemTemplateSelector dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberOkButtonIconUriProperty
Identifies the OkButtonIconUri dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberPickerButtonStyleProperty
Identifies the PickerButtonStyle dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberPopupHeaderProperty
Identifies the PopupHeader dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberPopupHeaderTemplateProperty
Identifies the PopupHeaderTemplate dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberSelectorFormatProperty
Identifies the SelectorFormat dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberValueStringProperty
Identifies the ValueString dependency property.


Public propertyCancelButtonIconUri
Gets or sets the uri that points to the icon of the Cancel button in RadTimePicker and RadDatePicker.
Public propertyCulture
Gets or sets an instance of the CultureInfo class that represents the culture which is used to format the values of the control. If no culture is set, the default for the device environment is used.
Public propertyDisplayValueFormat
Gets or sets a string representing the value format for the control. The value format determines how the edited value is displayed on the screen. If not set, the current culture is used.
Public propertyEmptyContent
Gets or sets the null text of the control. The null text is displayed when there is no value defined.
Public propertyEmptyContentTemplate
Gets or sets the DataTemplate defining the visual appearance of the empty content of the control.
Public propertyHeader
Gets or sets the content that will represent the header of the inner RadPickerBox instance.
Public propertyHeaderStyle
Gets or sets the Style object that defines header visual appearance.
Public propertyHeaderTemplate
Gets or sets the DataTemplate that represents the template of the header content.
Public propertyIsPopupOpen
Gets or sets a boolean value determining whether the popup of the control is open.
Public propertyIsReadOnly
Gets or sets a boolean value determining whether the control is in read only mode. If set to true, the control does not allow the user to modify its value.
Public propertyItemTemplateSelector
A template selector that used to provide a specific visualization for specific dates or times.
Public propertyOkButtonIconUri
Gets or sets the uri that points to the icon of the Ok button in RadTimePicker and RadDatePicker.
Public propertyPickerButtonStyle
Gets or sets a style object that is used to define the look and feel of the toggle button that displays the selected value.
Public propertyPopupHeader
Gets or sets the header displayed in the popup of this DateTimePicker instance.
Public propertyPopupHeaderTemplate
Gets or sets an instance of the DataTemplate class that represents the template used to visualise the content defined by the PopupHeader property.
Public propertySelectorFormat
Gets or sets the selector format. This selector format defines how the different selector components will be ordered. By setting this property, you can also define which editable parts of the selector will be visible.
Public propertyValueString
Gets or sets the string representation of the current value. The string representation is the current value formatted according to the settings of the device and the control.


Public eventPopupClosed
Fired when the popup of the ValuePickerControl control has been closed.
Public eventPopupClosing
Fires when the popup of the ValuePickerControl control is about to be closed.
Public eventPopupOpened
Fires when the popup of the ValuePickerControl control has been opened.
Public eventPopupOpening
Fires when the popup of the ValuePickerControl control is about to be opened.
Public eventUpdatingValueString
Fires when the display value is updated after value selection. Allows for replacing the default value string with a custom one.

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