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The RadResizeWidthAnimation type exposes the following members.


Public methodRadResizeWidthAnimation


Public methodApplyInitialValues
Sets the initial animation values to the provided target element.
(Overrides RadAnimation..::..ApplyInitialValues(UIElement).)
Public methodClearAnimation
Removes any property modifications, applied to the specified element by this instance.
(Overrides RadAnimation..::..ClearAnimation(UIElement).)
Public methodCreateOpposite
Creates a new instance of this animation that is the reverse of this instance.
(Overrides RadAnimation..::..CreateOpposite()()()().)


Public propertyEndWidth
Gets or sets the final width of the animation target. If no value is applied current element width is used.
Public propertyHeight
Gets or sets a the height that will be applied to the animation target during this animation.
Public propertyStartWidth
Gets or sets the initial width. If no value is applied current element width is used.

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