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The RadAnimation type exposes the following members.


Public methodApplyInitialValues
Sets the initial animation values to the provided target element.
Public methodClearAnimation
Removes any property modifications, applied to the specified element by this instance.
Public methodClone
Creates a clone animation of this instance.
Public methodCreateOpposite
Creates a new instance of this animation that is the reverse of this instance.


Public fieldStatic memberEmpty
The Empty animation does nothing and must be used instead of null if no animation should be played.


Public propertyAnimationName
Gets or sets the name of the animation.
Public propertyAnimationOrigin
Gets or sets the render transform origin of the animated element.
Public propertyAutoReverse
Gets or sets the AutoReverse property of the internally created storyboard associated with this animation.
Public propertyDuration
Gets or sets the duration of the animation. Defaults to (0:0:.4) - 400 milliseconds.
Public propertyEasing
Gets or sets a value describing the easing function to be used for the animation.
Public propertyFillBehavior
Gets or sets the FillBehavior property of the internally created storyboard, associated with this animation.
Public propertyInitialDelay
Gets or sets an initial delay that will be applied before the animation starts.
Public propertyRepeatBehavior
Gets or sets the repeat behavior of this RadAnimation instance.
Public propertySpeedRatio
Gets or sets the value for the SpeedRatio of the Storyboard generated by this animation.


Public eventEnded
Occurs when animation has stopped running.

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