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The TemplateProviderControl type exposes the following members.


Public fieldStatic memberItemContainerStyleProperty
Identifies the ItemContainerStyle dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberItemContainerStyleSelectorProperty
Identifies the ItemContainerStyleSelector dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberItemTemplateProperty
Identifies the ItemTemplate dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberItemTemplateSelectorProperty
Identifies the ItemTemplateSelector dependency property.


Public propertyItemContainerStyle
Gets or sets the style that is applied to each item container.
Public propertyItemContainerStyleSelector
Gets or sets a selector that is used when applying the style to an item container.
Public propertyItemTemplate
Gets or sets a DataTemplate that represents the template applied to each visual item in the control.
Public propertyItemTemplateSelector
Gets or sets the template selector that is used to select a template for an item container.

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