Telerik UI for Windows Phone by Progress

The IAutoCompleteProvider type exposes the following members.


Public methodDelete
Deletes the string starting at a given position with a given length.
Public methodGetFilterKey
Gets a string that represents the key based on which the corresponding item has been filtered as a valid suggestion.
Public methodInput
Inputs a string starting at the given position by purging the text described by the start position with the given length.
Public methodReset
Resets the state of the current provider.


Public propertyComparisonMode
Gets or sets the mode used to compare the current input string with the filter key of each SuggestionsSource item.
Public propertyFilterDelay
Gets or sets an instance of the TimeSpan struct that represents the time interval after the last user input after which the FilteredSuggestions value is updated.
Public propertyFilteredSuggestions
Gets an IEnumerable implementation containing the currently filtered autocomplete suggestions.
Public propertyFilterKeyPath
Gets or sets a string representing a property path on a single object from the SuggestionsSource that is used to filter the suggestions.
Public propertyFilterKeyProvider
Gets or sets a function that is used to retrieve the key from the suggestions source object, based on which suggestions are filtered.
Public propertyHasSuggestions
Gets a boolean value determining whether there are any suggestions available based on the current input in the IAutoCompleteProvider.
Public propertyInputString
Gets the current input string.
Public propertySuggestionsSource
Gets or sets an IEnumerable implementation containing the items available for auto-complete suggestions.

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