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The GaugeIndicator type exposes the following members.


Public methodUpdate
This method should be called whenever an indicator needs to be updated.


Public fieldStatic memberAnimationDurationProperty
Identifies the AnimationDuration dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberAnimationEasingProperty
Identifies the AnimationEasing dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberIsAnimatedProperty
Identifies the IsAnimated dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberStartValueProperty
Identifies the StartValue dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberValueProperty
Identifies the Value dependency property.


Public propertyAnimationDuration
Gets or sets the duration of the animation when IsAnimated is true.
Public propertyAnimationEasing
Gets or sets the easing of the animation when IsAnimated is true.
Public propertyIsAnimated
Gets or sets the IsAnimated property value. This property enables and disables the animated transition between values.
Public propertyOwner
Gets the owner range of this indicator.
Public propertyStartValue
Determines from where in the value range does the indicator start. By default every indicator starts at 0. The Value and StartValue properties do the exact same thing in the MarkerGaugeIndicator since it is always on a single point in the range.
Public propertyValue
Gets or sets the value of this indicator.


Public eventValueChanged
This event fires after the Value property changes. The event arguments contain the new as well as the old value.

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