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The DateTimeContinuousAxis type exposes the following members.


Public methodDateTimeContinuousAxis
Initializes a new instance of the DateTimeContinuousAxis class.


Public fieldStatic memberGapLengthProperty
Identifies the GapLength dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberMajorStepProperty
Identifies the MajorStep dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberMaximumProperty
Identifies the Maximum dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberMaximumTicksProperty
Identifies the MaximumTicks dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberMinimumProperty
Identifies the Minimum dependency property.


Public propertyGapLength
Gets or sets the gap (in the range [0, 1]) to be applied when calculating each plotted ChartSeries position.
Public propertyMajorStep
Gets or sets the user-defined step between two adjacent ticks on the axis. Specify TimeSpane.Zero to clear the value. If not specified, the step will be automatically determined, depending on the smallest difference between any two dates.
Public propertyMajorStepUnit
Gets or sets the unit that defines the custom major step of the axis. If no explicit step is defined, the axis will automatically calculate one, depending on the smallest difference between any two dates.
Public propertyMaximum
Gets or sets the custom maximum of the axis. Specify DateTime.MaxValue to clear the property value so that the maximum is auto-generated.
Public propertyMaximumTicks
Gets or sets the maximum ticks that might be displayed on the axis. This property is useful in some corner cases when ticks may become a really big number.
Public propertyMinimum
Gets or sets the custom minimum of the axis. Specify DateTime.MinValue to clear the property value so that the minimum is auto-generated.
Public propertyPlotMode
Gets or sets the mode which determines how points are plotted by this axis.

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