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The DataField type exposes the following members.


Public methodDataField
Initializes a new instance of the DataField class.


Public fieldStatic memberErrorInfoMessageProperty
Identifies the ErrorInfoMessage dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberHeaderProperty
Identifies the Header dependency property.


Public propertyAttributeSet
Gets or sets an instance of the AttributeSet class that represents the set of attributes assigned to the current DataField instance.
Public propertyCustomEditor
Gets a custom editor definition for the current field. This property can be used to define a custom editor for a given property on the object set to the CurrentItem property.
Public propertyEditorStyles
Gets a collection of Style instances that are assigned to the editors.
Public propertyErrorInfoMessage
Gets or sets the error message that is associated with the DataFormField.
Public propertyHeader
Gets or sets the object which will be used as a header for the assosiacted DataFormField.
Public propertyIsReadOnly
Gets or sets a boolean value determining whether the field is readonly or not.
Public propertyTargetProperty
Gets a collection of Style instances that are assigned to the editors. Gets or sets the name of the property on the business object to which this DataField instance corresponds.
Public propertyValidators
Gets a collection of DataFormValidator instances that are used to validate the input in the corresponding DataField.

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