Telerik UI for Windows Phone by Progress

The PullToRefreshIndicatorControl type exposes the following members.


Public methodPullToRefreshIndicatorControl
Initializes a new instance of the PullToRefreshIndicatorControl class.


Public methodOnApplyTemplate
When overridden in a derived class, is invoked whenever application code or internal processes (such as a rebuilding layout pass) call ApplyTemplate()()()(). In simplest terms, this means the method is called just before a UI element displays in an application. For more information, see Remarks.
(Overrides RadControl..::..OnApplyTemplate()()()().)
Public methodPrepareLoading
Indicates that the control is a state ready to start refreshing.
Public methodStartLoading
Starts the loading progress by displaying a progress bar in the control.
Public methodStopLoading
Stops the loading progress.
Public methodUpdateRefreshTime
Updates the lower label that displays the last refresh time.


Public fieldStatic memberOrientationProperty
Identifies the Orientation dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberRefreshTimeLabelFormatProperty
Identifies the RefreshTimeLabelFormat dependency property.


Public propertyOrientation
Gets or sets the current orientation of the control.
Public propertyRefreshTimeLabelFormat
Gets or sets a string representing the format of the time displayed in the lower label of the PullToRefreshIndicatorControl.

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