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The ChartSeries type exposes the following members.


Public methodGetDataPointLabels
Gets all the FrameworkElement instances that represent labels, associated with the specified DataPoint instance.
Public methodHitTest
Determines whether the provided touch rect is within the series visual representation.
Public methodHitTestDataPoints
Finds all the data points which visual representations contain the specified touch rect.
Public methodHitTestElements
Finds all the visual representations that contain the specified touch rect.
Public methodOnApplyTemplate
When overridden in a derived class, is invoked whenever application code or internal processes (such as a rebuilding layout pass) call ApplyTemplate()()()(). In simplest terms, this means the method is called just before a UI element displays in an application. For more information, see Remarks.
(Overrides PresenterBase..::..OnApplyTemplate()()()().)


Public fieldStatic memberAllowSelectProperty
Identifies the AllowSelect property.
Public fieldStatic memberClipTopPlotAreaProperty
Identifies the ClipToPlotArea property.
Public fieldStatic memberDisplayNameProperty
Identifies the DisplayName property.
Public fieldStatic memberIsSelectedProperty
Identifies the IsSelected property.
Public fieldStatic memberItemsSourceProperty
Identifies the ItemsSource property.
Public fieldStatic memberShowLabelsProperty
Identifies the ShowLabels property.
Public fieldStatic memberTrackBallInfoTemplateProperty
Identifies the TrackBallInfoTemplate property.
Public fieldStatic memberTrackBallTemplateProperty
Identifies the TrackBallTemplate property.


Public propertyAllowSelect
Determines whether the series might enter the IsSelected state.
Public propertyClipToPlotArea
Determines whether this instance will be clipped to the bounds of the plot area.
Public propertyDisplayName
Gets or sets the human-readable name of the series.
Public propertyIsSelected
Determines whether the series is currently in a "Selected" state. Usually this state is indicated by a change in the visual representation of the series.
Public propertyItemsSource
Gets or sets the source items to generate data points from.
Public propertyLabelDefinitions
Gets the collection that stores all the definitions that describe the appearance of each label per data point. When ShowLabels is true and no custom definition is present within the collection, a default one is used.
Public propertyShowLabels
Determines whether the series will display a label associated with each data point.
Public propertyTrackBallInfoTemplate
Gets or sets the template used to visualize the information about this series in a ChartTrackBallBehavior TrackInfo control.
Public propertyTrackBallTemplate
Gets or sets the template used to visualize an intersection point between a ChartTrackBallBehavior line and a data point that is contained within this series.


Public eventDataBindingComplete
Occurs when a databinding operation has been successfully completed.

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