Telerik UI for Windows 8 XAML

The gauge indicators represent specific values on the gauge scale. Here are all types of indicators:



GaugeIndicator class is a base class that defines properties for all of the above indicators.

  • Value (double)

    - Gets or sets the value of this indicator.

  • StartValue (double)

    - Determines from where in the value range does the indicator start. By default every indicator starts at 0.

  • Owner

    - Gets the owner range of this indicator.

  • IsAnimated (bool)

    - Gets or sets the IsAnimated property value. This property enables and disables the animated transition between values.

  • AnimationDuration

    - Gets or sets the duration of the animation when IsAnimated is true.

  • AnimationEasing

    - Gets or sets the easing of the animation when IsAnimated is true.