Telerik UI for Windows 8 XAML


  • DisplayMode (CalendarDisplayMode) - Gets or sets the display mode of the RadCalendar control. The available values are:

    • MonthView (default)

    • YearView

    • DecadeView

    • CenturyView

  • DisplayDateStart (DateTime) - Gets or sets the first date to be displayed.

  • DisplayDateEnd (DateTime) - Gets or sets the last date to be displayed.


    Any date outside the display range is marked as a blackout date and navigation to cells holding blackout dates is not allowed - the Previous/NextButton and the navigation keys/gestures will be disabled.

  • DisplayDate (DateTime) - Gets or sets the current date to display. By default this is the today date.

  • IsTodayHighlighted (bool) - Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the current date will be highlighted.

  • HeaderFormats - The following properties get or set the format of the navigation header in different view modes:

    • MonthViewHeaderFormat (string) - The default value is "{0:MMMM yyyy}".

    • YearViewHeaderFormat (string) - The default value is "{0:yyyy}".

    • DecadeViewHeaderFormat (string) - The default value is "{0:yyyy} ~ {1:yyyy}".

    • CenturyViewHeaderFormat (string) - The default value is "{0:yyyy} ~ {1:yyyy}".

  • CellFormats - The following properties set the format of the cell content in different view modes:

    • MonthViewCellFormat (string) - The default value is "{0:%d}".

    • YearViewCellFormat (string) - The default value is "{0:MMMM}".

    • DecadeViewCellFormat (string) - The default value is "{0:yyyy}".

    • CenturyViewCellFormat (string) - The default value is "{0:yyyy} ~ {1:yyyy}".

  • DayNamesVisibility (Visibility) - Gets or sets a value indicating whether the day name column headers should be visible MonthView mode. The available values are:

    • Visible (default)

    • Collapsed

  • WeekNumbersVisibility (Visibility) - Gets or sets a value indicating whether the week number row headers should be visible in MonthView mode. The available values are:

    • Visible (default)

    • Collapsed

  • DayNameFormat (CalendarDayNameFormat) - Gets or sets the days of the week formatting in the calendar column headers in MonthView mode. The available formats are:

    • AbbreviatedName (default) - Displays abbreviated name (first 3 letters) of the weekday.

    • FirstLetter - Displays only the first letter of the weekday.

    • FullName - Displays the full name of the weekday.

  • WeekNumberFormat (string) - Gets or sets the week number formatting in the calendar row headers in MonthView mode.

  • SelectionMode (CalendarSelectionMode) - Gets or sets the selection mode of the calendar control. The available modes are:

    • Single (default)

    • Multiple

    • None

  • Selection Properties

  • CellStyling Properties