Telerik UI for Windows 8 XAML

RadDataGrid allows editing an already populated items through the UI.


First, the RadDataGrid.UserEditMode should be set to DataGridUserEditMode.Inline . Then, the following operations can be performed by a user:

  1. A user can begin an edit opearation over a row by performing a double tap gesture over a cell or by clicking the F2 button from the keyboard(begins an editing operation over the current row).

  2. A user can cancel an edit operation over a row by clicking the Cancel button of the Editing UI or by clicking the Esc button from the keyboard.

  3. A user can commit an edit operation over a row by tap/click over another cell or by clicking the Enter button from the keyboard.


RadDataGrid also allows a programmatic approach for editing through the following methods:

  • BeginEdit(object item)

    - Begins the edit operation for the specified data item.

  • CancelEdit()

    - Cancels the current edit operation.

  • CommitEdit()

    - Commits the current edit operation.