Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML

RadSparkline axes can be configured to display bands with different colors for predefined value ranges. They can be used to outline a specific range of values. In sparkline scenarios they are especially useful with the bullet type, where you can use them to achieve a bullet graph look.

Configuring Plot Bands

To add plot bands to your chart, you should assign the axis.plotBands property an array of objects having the following format:

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from: x, //where x is a number representing a start value on the axis
    to: y, //where y is number representing an end value on the axis
    color: "value", // where "value" is any valid CSS color
    opacity: z //where z is a number, between 0 and 1, representing the bands opacity

For example:

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<span id="bullet" data-win-control="Telerik.UI.RadSparkline" data-win-options="{
    type: 'bullet',
    data: [955, 980],
    valueAxis: {
        plotBands: [
            {from: 0, to: 950, color: '#787878', opacity: 0.15},
            {from: 950, to: 980, color: '#787878', opacity: 0.45}
    theme: 'light'

This will produce the following result: