Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML

The CategoryAxis type exposes the following members.


Public propertyaxisCrossingValue
Gets or sets the value at which this axis crosses the perpendicular axis.
Public propertybaseUnit
Gets or sets the base time interval for the axis when axis values are of Date type. Accepted values are "seconds", "minutes", "hours", "days", "weeks", "months" and "years". The default value is determined automatically from the minimum difference between subsequent categories.
Public propertycategories
Gets or sets the array of category names that will be used to label the categories in the chart.
Public propertycolor
Gets or sets the color to all apply to all axis elements. Individual color settings for line and labels take priority. Any valid CSS color is accepted.
Public propertycrosshair
Gets the axis crosshair settings.
Public propertyfield
Gets or sets the field from the objects in the categories array that will be used to retrieve the category name. Use this property when the categories array contains objects instead of primitive types.
Public propertyjustified
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the categories and series are positioned on major ticks. This removes the empty space before and after the series. Default is true. This option is ignored for bar, column, "boxPlot", ohlc or candlestick series.
Public propertylabels
Gets the axis label settings.
Public propertyline
Gets the axis line settings.
Public propertymajorGridLines
Gets the major grid line settings.
Public propertymajorTicks
Gets the major tick settings
Public propertymajorUnit
Gets or sets the interval between major divisions. For example, on a column chart, this property determines the step size whole going up the vertical axis. You can additionally have minor steps and ticks in between the major ones by adjusting the minorUnit and minorTick.size properties.
Public propertymax
Gets or sets the maximum value of the axis. This property is often used in combination with the min property to adjust the size of the chart relative to the charting area.
Public propertymin
Gets or sets the minimum value of the axis. This property is often used in combination with the max property to adjust the size of the chart relative to the charting area.
Public propertyminorGridLines
Gets the minor grid line settings.
Public propertyminorTicks
Gets the minor tick settings
Public propertyminorUnit
Gets or sets the interval between minor divisions. For more information, refer to the majorUnit property description.
Public propertyname
Gets or sets the unique axis name.
Public propertynotes
Retrieves the chart axis notes settings.
Public propertypane
The name of the pane that the axis should be rendered in. The axis will be rendered in the first (default) pane if not set.
Public propertyplotBands
Gets or sets the plot bands of the axis. Elements of this array must be objects of the form { from:0, to: 100, color: 'navy' }
Public propertyreverse
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the axis direction is reversed.
Public propertytitle
Retrieves the chart axis title settings.
Public propertyvisible
Gets or sets the visibility of this axis.
Public propertyweekStartDay
The week start day when baseUnit is set to "weeks". The value should be a number from 0 to 6 where 0 is Sunday, 1 is Monday and so on. The default value is 0 (Sunday).

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