Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML

Without much effort, you can do a great performance optimization for a RadGrid displaying large sets of data. What virtual scrolling (or data virtualization) does is to render only the currently needed data in the grid. Data records that are outside of the visible part of the scrollable area are not loaded. The DataSource used to bind RadGrid takes care of retrieving only the needed records and they are then visualized by the grid.

Virtual Scrolling

To enable virtual scrolling, do the following:

  1. Set the scrollable property to "virtual".

  2. Provide a value to the dataSource.pageSize property, which corresponds to the number of items you want to show at a time. This value will determine the initial number of items loaded in the grid.

  3. Set height to RadGrid, such that all items from one page of data will be visible.

When binding RadGrid to remote data, make sure that you specify a function returning the total number of records in the remote source of data. Otherwise virtual scrolling will not work correctly when it retrieves remotely paged data. The example below demonstrates a scenario of remote binding with virtual scrolling enabled:

Virtual Scrolling Example Copy imageCopy
var ds = new Telerik.Data.DataSource({
    transport: {
        read: {
            url: '',
            dataType: 'json'
    schema: {
        data: 'value',
    pageSize: 10
}); () {
    var grid2Ctrl = new Telerik.UI.RadGrid(document.getElementById("grid1"), {
        dataSource: ds,
        scrollable: "virtual",
        columns: [
            { field: "OrderID", title: "Order ID" },
            { field: "ProductID", title: "Product ID" },
            {field: "UnitPrice", title: "Unit Price"},
            {field: "Quantity", title: "Quantity"},
            {field: "Discount", title: "Discount"}
        height: 400
total Function Copy imageCopy
WinJS.Namespace.define("Scrolling", {
    total: function (response) {
        return response.value.length;

Current limitations of scrolling

When scrolling is enabled, multiple cell selection on the last column in RadGrid can only be performed using the top-left handle of the currently selected cell(s). The right one is covered by the scrollbar.

Tip: How to Make the Scrollbar Always Visible

For smaller screen devices, if you want to have a scrollbar always visible in virtual scrolling mode in the grid, add the following CSS to your app:

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/*show virtual scrollbar*/
.k-scrollbar.k-scrollbar-vertical {
        -ms-overflow-style: scrollbar;