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This article describes the properties belonging to the _AxisLabelConfiguration class, which are available when setting the axes' labels.

Axis Label Configuration




Changes the culture for the date values. The property takes any valid BCP-47 language tag as a value.


To change the background of the axis labels set this property to a valid CSS color.


Lets you customize the border settings of the labels. Settings include color, width and dashType. dashType accepts the following values: "solid", "dot", "dash", "longDash", "dashDot", "longDashDot", "longDashDotDot".


Gets or sets the text color of the axis labels.


A set of properties for formatting date values. For more information, see Label Date Format Configuration


Gets or sets the labels font.


Used to provide formatting for values.


Used to set the margin around the axis labels. Has top, right, bottom and left options.


When set to true, this property mirrors the axis labels. This means that the labels will be displayed on the other side of the axis line (not that their text will be mirrored).


Used to set the padding around the axis labels. Has top, right, bottom and left options.


Use this property when your axis labels need to be rotated at a certain level. This is usually needed when their text is too long. You can provide a numeric value representing the angle at which you want the labels rotated.


This property specifies the number of labels from the beginning of the axis to skip rendering. For example, you can use it in scenarios, where there are no data points in a given range and labels are not needed there.


When you want to skip rendering some of the labels at a known step, use this property. For example, if you want to show labels at even ticks only (0-based count), set the step property to 2.


You can provide a template for labels by setting this property. It has a binding context, where the current value is available, so you can output it with some content appended or prepended, or hide it on some condition. For example, "#= value % 5 == 0 ? value: '' #" will display a label only if its value can be divided by 5 without a remainder.


Boolean property, controlling the visibility of the axis.

Configuration Example

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<div id="chart1" data-win-control="Telerik.UI.RadChart" data-win-options="{
            series: [{
                data: [15.7, 16.7, 20, 23.5, 26.6]
            categoryAxis: {
                categories: [2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009],
                labels: {
                    rotation: 45,
                    color: 'white',
                    font: '12pt Segoe UI',
                    padding: {
                        top: 10
                    mirror: true
            height: 300,
            width: 600