Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML

The RadDropDownList type exposes the following members.


Public methodRadDropDownList
Creates a new RadDropDownList control.


Public methodclose
Closes the drop-down list.
Public methoddataItem
Returns the raw data record at the specified index or the selected index.
Public methodfocus
Gives focus to the input element of the control.
Public methodopen
Opens the drop-down list.
Public methodrefresh
Re-renders the items in the drop-down list.
Public methodsearch
Selects the item that starts with the specified substring.
Public methodselect
Selects drop-down list item and sets the text of the combobox control.
Public methodtoggle
Toggles the drop-down list between its open and closed state.


Public propertyanimation
Gets the animation options to be used for opening/closing the popup.
Public propertyautoBind
Gets or sets a value indicating whether to bind the widget to the dataSource on initialization.
Public propertycascadeFrom
Gets the ID of the parent ComboBox control that will filter the values of this ComboBox. This property is read-only.
Public propertycascadeFromField
Defines the field to be used to filter the data source.
Public propertydataSource
Gets or sets the data source of the control.
Public propertydataTextField
Gets or sets the field of the data item that provides the text content of the list items.
Public propertydataValueField
Gets or sets the field of the data item that provides the value content of the list items.
Public propertydelay
Gets or sets the delay in ms after which the control will start filtering the dataSource.
Public propertyelement
Gets the DOM element that hosts this control.
Public propertyenabled
Gets or sets the enabled state of the control.
Public propertyheaderTemplate
Specifies a static HTML content, which will be rendered as a header of the popup element.
Public propertyheight
Gets or sets the height of the drop-down list in pixels.
Public propertyignoreCase
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the search should be case sensitive.
Public propertyindex
Gets or sets the zero-based index of the selected item.
Public propertyinitialized
Indicates whether the control is initialized.
Public propertyisOpen
Gets a value indicating whether the list container is currently open.
Public propertylist
Gets the jQuery-wrapped list of items in the control.
Public propertyoptionLabel
Gets or sets the text of the default empty item.
Public propertyreadonly
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the control is read-only.
Public propertytemplate
Gets or sets the template to be used for rendering the items in the list.
Public propertytext
Gets or sets the text of the control.
Public propertyvalue
Gets or sets the value of the control.
Public propertyvalueTemplate
The valueTemplate used to render the selected value. By default the widget displays only the text of the data item (configured via dataTextField).


Public eventchange
Fires when the value of the RadDropDownList changes.
Public eventclose
Fires when the drop-down list of RadDropDownList is closed.
Public eventdatabinding
Fires when the control is about to databind.
Public eventdatabound
Fires immediately after the control is databound.
Public eventopen
Fires when the drop-down list of RadDropDownList is shown.
Public eventselect
Fires when an item is selected from the drop-down list. The jQuery object which represents the selected item.

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