Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML

The _LegendLabelConfiguration type exposes the following members.


Public method_LegendLabelConfiguration
For internal usage only. Describes the properties of chart legend labels.


Public propertycolor
Gets or sets the text color of the label. Any valid CSS color value is accepted.
Public propertyfont
Gets or sets the label font style.
Public propertytemplate
Gets or sets the label template. Inside the template, the following variables can be used: category - the category name. (only for area, bar, column, bubble, donut, funnel, line and pie series); text - the text the legend item; series - the data series; value - the point value. (only for donut and pie charts); percentage - the point value represented as a percentage value. (only for donut, funnel and pie charts); dataItem - the original data item used to construct the point. (only for donut and pie charts)

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