Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML

The _CrossHairTooltipConfiguration type exposes the following members.


Public method_CrossHairTooltipConfiguration
For internal usage only. Describes the properties of a crosshair tooltip.


Public propertybackground
Gets or sets the background color of the tooltip. The default value is determined from the series color.
Public propertyborder
Gets the tooltip border settings.
Public propertycolor
Gets or sets the text color of the tooltip. The default value is determined from the series label color.
Public propertyfont
Gets or sets the tooltip font.
Public propertyformat
Gets or sets the tooltip format. Format variables depend on the series type: Area, bar, column, funnel, line and pie 0 - value; Bubble, scatter and scatterLine 0 - x value, 1 - y value; Candlestick and OHLC 0 - open value, 1 - high value, 2 - low value, 3 - close value, 4 - category name; For Example: "{0:C}--{1:C}" to show a tooltip on candlestick series for open and high values.
Public propertypadding
Gets or sets the padding of the tooltip.
Public propertyshared
A value indicating if the tooltip should be shared. Default is false.
Public propertysharedTemplate
The shared tooltip template. Template variables: points - the category points, category - the category name
Public propertytemplate
Gets or sets the template that is used to render the tooltip. Available template variables are value, category, series and dataItem.
Public propertyvisible
Gets or sets the tooltip visibility. Default is false.

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