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This topic provides guidelines for the different types of Sitefinity users and how they could use the Sitefinity Developer Manual.


The Developer Manual of Sitefinity is mainly provided for developers - it aims at introducing the product to people who intend to eventually extend the existing functionality or add new one to a project created with Sitefinity. Also, the manual provides simple examples of how to start modifying projects. For the advanced developers, there are code samples that focus on specific features of ASP.Net development in Sitefinity. Finally, there is a section that provides reference to API classes that Sitefinity uses. 


The manual also provides important information to designers (such as how to customize Sitefinity appearance), administrators (how to install Sitefinity and deploy a project) and power users (getting familiar with Sitefinity and extending it with basic functionality).

The term Power User stands for people who will manage pages and content only.


Figure 1 illustrates the importance of the information to each group of readers which each section of this manual provides: 

 Readers Guidelines 

Figure 1


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