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PanelbarExpandMode Enumeration
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Telerik.WebControls Namespace : PanelbarExpandMode Enumeration

Represents the different ways RadPanelbar behaves when an item is expanded.


Visual Basic (Declaration) 
Public Enum PanelbarExpandMode 
   Inherits Enum
Visual Basic (Usage)Copy Code
Dim instance As PanelbarExpandMode
public enum PanelbarExpandMode : Enum 


MultipleExpandedItemsMore than one item can be expanded at a time.
SingleExpandedItem Only one item can be expanded at a time. Expanding another item collapses the previously expanded one.
FullExpandedItem Only one item can be expanded at a time. The expanded area occupies the entire height of the RadPanelbar.


Namespace: Telerik.WebControls

Platforms:Windows 2000, Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003 family

Assembly: RadPanelbar.Net2 (in RadPanelbar.Net2.dll)

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