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There is a separate documentation with instructions on how to install and upgrade Sitefinity. It is called Installation Guide and could be downloaded from the Sitefinity Documentation Page.


Following are the topics that could be found in the Installation Guide:

  1. System Requirements
  2. Licensing
  3. Setting the License Key
  4. Upgrading from Sitefinity Trial to Standard Commercial License
  5. License Agreement
  6. Which File to Download?
  7. Installation Packages
  8. The
  9. Installing Sitefinity on a Local Development Machine
  10. Installing Sitefinity on a Web Server
  11. Installing Sitefinity under Windows Vista
  12. Configuring Vista IIS 7 to Run as IIS 6
  13. Running the Setup
  14. Moving the Virtual Directories to the Classic.NET AppPool
  15. Configuring the Classic.NET AppPool
  16. Adding Application Mappings for .template Extension
  17. Error Creating Projects
  18. No CSS?
  19. Getting Started with the Sample Sites
  20. Upgrading Sitefinity Projects
  21. Upgrading Projects to Sitefinity 3.2
  22. Upgrading Projects Created with Sitefinity Community to Standard Edition

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