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This topic provides a description of the public controls of the Events module:

• Events View
• Events Schedule View

Events Public Controls

Figure 1


New Events module public controls could be implemented by extending the Content View control (control for all modules based on Generic Content) and taking advantage of the API.


Figure 2 shows what is displayed when the two public controls are added to a page in Edit mode:

Events Public Controls in Page Edit Mode

Figure 2 


Events View

The Events View control is based on the Content View control. The control offers three display modes: List, Single and Auto. This means that the Events View control is used for displaying lists of events as well as single events (see Figure 3).


Events Schedule View

The Events Schedule View control is similar to the Calendar display mode in the administrative side - it displays events in a calendar-like interface. Users could browse the calendar and get detailed information on a particular event by just double-clicking on the event (see Figure 3).


The Events Schedule View control does not display any results in page Edit mode but instead displays a default message: "Events Schedule View (design mode preview not available)" (see Figure 2). This is due to the fact that the RadSchedular control used for this events control does not display in design mode.   

 Events Controls Display

Figure 3


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